Civil Engineering

Drainage (Surface Water, Foul Water & Attenuation)

Accurate installation of drainage is an essential service for any groundworks contractor, and our multiskilled team has the necessary expertise to carry out all groundworks and external work elements for your project.

Few drainage schemes are installed as designed, R O D Ltd will identify any ‘clashes’ prior to starting on site and help redesign them, which will allow your project to progress according to schedule.

Groundworks & Foundations

R O D Ltd appreciates that our clients’ primary objective is to construct the foundations as quickly as possible so that the build process can begin.

Our groundworks experience combined with our modern plant and technologies means there is no company better placed to construct your foundations.

Hard Landscaping (Paving, Gravel, tarmac & concrete) & Masonry (Brickwork, blockwork and specialist stone)

R O D Ltd can undertake all types of hard landscaping projects including roads, footpaths, car parks and parking bays. As this is the part of groundworks which is visible to the end user, we will ensure that your hard landscaping is visually pleasing as well as structurally sound. Our Contract Manager will oversee your project and ensure that the quality of your finished work is of the highest standard.

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